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VSK offers comprehensive solutions relating to wealth preservation, wealth creation and contingency planning.


Financial Planning

“If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere” goes a popular saying. This philosophy also applies to our personal … Read more


Retirement Planning

People have a tendency to procrastinate things which they cannot envision in the distant future. That is why retirement usually figures at the bottom of the priority … Read more


Asset Advisory & Financial Life Management

Our objective is not just to sustain and grow long term wealth for our clients. We believe ‘Wealth’ needs to serve a … Read more


Estate Planning

In order to provide financial security for loved ones, an individual works hard to build assets during his/her lifetime – be it investments, house property, plot of land, etc. … Read more

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Best Tax Saving Schemes in India | 2019

When it comes to tax saving, people cannot think beyond 80C. If you have exhausted your 80C limit of Rs.1.5 lakh, explore these lesser known options to reduce your tax liability.


7 Parental Expenses that were uncommon or did not exist a decade ago

Raising kids from the millennial generation was so much easier than it is now. In this highly networked world today, the choices are infinite for Generation Z kids. The parental pressure is hence immense in giving the child the best of everything. The cost of raising kids today has also gone up. And not only due to inflation, but also because of the societal and parental shift in the way kids are being raised today. …

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Key highlights of the Union Budget 2019

How do the budget proposals impact the common man? Tax Rebate up to Rs.5 lakh taxable income: For individual tax payers having annual taxable income up to Rs.5 lakh (after availing deductions), the Budget has proposed full rebate of Rs.12,500. So, if the total tax payable is lower than or equal to Rs.12,500, then there will no tax payable on the income. This is going to immensely benefit the tax payers in the lowest tax slab. To illustrate: Here you can see, for an individual below 60 …

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