VSK has completed 35 years in the Financial Planning & Asset Advisory Services Field.

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Qualification & Experience

Firstly, VSK Financial Consultancy is registered with SEBI as an investment advisor. This implies our advisors are certified to practice as they have the necessary qualifications, expertise and experience. Registration with SEBI is a big step for VSK as it has always strived to work in client interest. VSK as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) follows stringent regulations at par with global standards regarding documentation and disclosures. This is to ensure accountability and provide transparency in our client dealings.


As per SEBI norms, VSK strictly follows a code of conduct to advise clients on financial matters in all honesty and fairness. The advice provided is purely independent of any commission income. There is thus no conflict of interest and the product recommended is strictly after the proper assessment of client's needs and goals.


It is not just about financial planning and the solutions we offer at VSK. A client's understanding of the financial plan and his involvement in implementation is of utmost importance to us. For this purpose, we present the plan to clients in a simple manner so that he gains complete clarity about his financial future. We take our client's financial education part very seriously. We avoid showing complicated math and using financial jargons.


Financial planning is not a one-time process. It involves periodic reviews as financial situations change. As the circumstances warrant, we suggest changes in the financial plan. We do not stop at just offering solutions. We make persistent efforts in engaging clients not just for implementation of financial plan the first time but also for periodic reviews. We believe in building long term relationships and strive on a continual basis to help clients achieve their financial goals for the future.

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