VSK has completed 35 years in the Financial Planning & Asset Advisory Services Field.

Asset Advisory & Financial Life Management

We do not like to call ourselves 'Wealth Managers'. Our objective is not just to sustain and grow long term wealth for our clients. We believe 'Wealth' needs to serve a meaningful purpose which not only is in sync with a client's financial goals but also conforms to his value system, beliefs and his overall attitude towards money. We call this Financial Life Management.

Our approach is to help clients make better money decisions which would serve their broader life goals and priorities. This extends beyond essential goals like children education, retirement, making a Will, etc. We help clients through important life changing events which have a financial bearing on their lives right from getting married, buying a house, starting a family, death of a family member, children's foreign education and ultimately to financial life after retirement.

Our focus is not just on choosing the right product and regularly monitoring and managing the investible assets. We seek to deliver holistic solutions through Financial Life Management. We advise on investments keeping in mind a client's personal life situation. This extends not just to understanding their risk taking capacity and financial goals. It includes getting familiar with a client's financial behaviour and understanding their saving and spending patterns. We make them aware of the financial implications of their life choices.

Many a times, financial decisions taken by clients are driven by emotions. We believe it is more important to avoid making wrong financial choices than making the right ones. We protect clients from making adhoc, impulsive and emotional decisions which could be influenced by sales agents, bank relationship managers or tips from friends/relatives.

We not just engage our clients but empower and educate them. Helping clients achieve a successful financial life in alignment with their life goals thus forms the crux of our services.

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