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A Life Worth Living

As is usual, at the beginning of another new year, I got a call from a reporter of a financial portal asking what resolutions I have made in the new year to scale up my business. That made me think whether this is all we should think about all the time; how to make more money, how to be more successful and then focus all our time and energy to achieve that.

We as Financial Planners are not only working for our clients helping them achieve their Financial goals, advising them on their money habits; but many a times we are also counseling them on achieving a work-life balance.

Clients who are especially nearing retirement have a huge dilemma as to how to spend their time after retirement. This is because they have been so consumed with their job/business throughout their working life that they had no time to look at. They had no time to develop relationships with family and friends, cultivate and indulge in hobbies, their health suffered and they had no existence beyond their work.

To have a life worth living one has to achieve a balance of 4 major aspects of your life; Health, Money, Relationships & Passion. I have tried to capture them on a mind map below.

I would welcome comments on the same.

Have a great 2013, 2014, 2015…

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